Our Staff

Beata Spizarna

Beata Spizarna is the executive director of Learning Steps Daycare & Preschool. She opened her first center in 2007 in Middle Village, Queens in order to meet the growing demand for child care in the quickly expending neighborhood. After almost ten years of working with the wonderful families and educators of the community, she decided to expand her sights and worked on opening another facility. Having found a great space in the thriving and diverse neighborhood of Williamsburg Brooklyn, she was thrilled to begin the process of fulfilling her vision and providing high quality daycare to a new community.

Beata has been dedicated to the field of education ever since she completed her early education degree in Europe. Eager to continue to pursue her passion in a new country, she attended City College of New York and spend many years teaching pre-school in New York City. After almost a decade of experience, she wanted to make a bigger impact on the community and support working families with flexible childcare options.

Beata works closely with her staff to ensure that the school culture and policies reflect the best practices she has discovered and adopted throughout her career. Her mission is to aid in giving young learners a bright and wonderful future through a safe, stimulating and loving environment. With the belief that school should be as a warm space where children feel at home, Beata strives to design her centers with the aesthetics that invite children to play, learn, and explore.

Yolanda Uzzo

Welcome to Learning Steps Daycare and Preschool!

My name is Yolanda Uzzo and I have proudly served as the center’s Director of Education since 2018. Our program is focused around the belief that children, from the beginning of their lives, bring their own personalities, wishes, preferences, and curiosities to each experience. Therefore, each child’s interests are honored and integrated into the curriculum. Children are empowered to try out new things on a daily basis as they progress through developmental stages during this time of incredible growth in their lives. Our teachers are eager to support the process, and to share the victories of each child with their family as they reach those milestones.

I bring over 20 years of experience in school leadership & teaching to my role at Learning Steps. Before joining the team, I had previously served as the Program Head of a local Reggio Emilia inspired program that I developed and led since its’ inception in 2009. Prior to that role, I earned a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from St. John’s University and worked as a preschool teacher, educational consultant, librarian/literacy instructor, and early intervention teacher.   I am proud to have dedicated the majority of my career in education  to serving the very Williamsburg neighborhood where I was born, raised, and currently reside along with my husband and 9 year old son.  It is my privilege to have the opportunity to continue bringing the highest quality childcare to this community here at Learning Steps.

I find daily joy in observing the various ways in which our students investigate, derive meaning from, and discover the wonder of our world. As a result, I believe that young children are highly capable individuals who construct their knowledge through interactions with adults, peers, and the environment. Guided by this belief, I, along with the entire teaching team, am committed to utilizing family, as well as academic and community partnerships to support children in their journey as life-long learners.

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